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Completed Projects


Years of Experience

Why Choose Key HTX?

Value Enhancement

Through asset management and energy efficiency, we reveal your building’s hidden value.

Maximizing Profit

We work within Public, Non-Profit, and Commercial Sectors to identify and implement improvements that reduce operating costs, and increase the value of the asset.


We prioritize safety as a fundamental core value for all projects and from simple building assessments to large complex construction.

Efficient Solutions for Smarter Buildings

Deliver high quality construction product

Build safely and efficiently

Improve your building’s value

Meet your ESG Goals

About Us

At Key HTX, we specialize in transforming the built space toward a new green economy.

We help our clients redefine the possibilities of commercial spaces using construction, energy efficiency, and building technology as a full-service solution.

What exactly does this mean?

Key HTX has successfully helped nonprofits, commercial buildings, municipalities, and more through our holistic thinking and execution. Our services span from program design development to construction management adaptive reuse projects.

What does this look like?

At Key HTX, we have perfected a comprehensive approach to maximizing your building’s energy profile with your optimal design and needed upgrades. From renovations to energy efficiency retrofits, to renewable energy integration and storage solutions, we address every aspect of your building’s needs. Our goal is to unlock the hidden value within your property, ensuring you maximize profits and achieve peace of mind.

Industries We Serve


Retail & Corporate


Education & Non-Profit

Healthcare & Financial


Distribution & Logistics


Impactful Projects

Explore some of our past and current projects, from collaborations with the City of Houston and Harris County to initiatives with nonprofit organizations like Bezos Academy and Bethune Empowerment Center. Each project represents a milestone in our journey towards a more sustainable built environment.